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A little information about Scooters!

At first glance, motorcycles and scooters look nearly identical. However, there are key features that separate the two vehicles. Unlike motorcycles, scooters have step-through frames that make it easier for riders to jump on and off of the vehicle. In addition, instead of resting your legs at the side like you would when riding a motorcycle, you can rest your legs and feet on the floorboard in front of you as you make your way onto your scooter.

Because they are very cost efficient to maintain, scooters are popular among riders who are looking for alternate means of transportation. Not only are they much cheaper to buy as compared to motorcycles, but scooters are also more affordable to insure. People who are looking for a cheap and simple means of personal transportation will make a good decision to invest in a personal scooter.

If you are in the market for a scooter, there are vintage and modern models available from which to choose. The models you will find on the market come in varying price ranges and sizes. With the bountiful options available to you, you are sure to find a scooter that will fit your unique needs and budget. Happy riding!