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The following information provided below is to help you get started with your new bike. It is not a training manual and does not guarantee bike malfunctions. If you have further questions please see your local dealer. Make sure you keep up with normal maintenance for these dirt bikes just like you would a Honda, etc. For maintenance tips please visit Mechanic Section .

If you need assembly instructions for your pit bike, click here.

Check out our Pit Bike Maintenance Video.



1. When you first get your bike in the crate it is important that after each of your first three rides ( no longer than 10 minutes for each ride ) that you tighten the spokes. To do this, from the valve stem, tighten every third spoke. For more information please visit your local dealer.

2. After your first 3 initial rides your chain is going to stretch. It is important to keep your chain tightened to the appropriate tension to avoid chain malfunction while riding. You will also want to check your chain every time before you go ride.

3. Even though the Spark Plugs that come with our bikes are decent, you will always want to upgrade your spark plug to a NKG Spark Plug ( Part number CR7HSA Plug BX/10NKG ) because this will greatly improve your horsepower and performance of the bike with little cost to you.

4. Your front forks can be made stiffer by adding fork oil. To do this please visit your local dealer. For suspension knowledge, visit Mechanic Section .

5. Your rear shock is adjustable by tightening and loosening your rear spring..

6. Make sure that you adjust your handlebars to the angle that is best for you while riding.

7. Only fill your gas tank with premium gas!!! All our bikes require premium, DO NOT use MIXED GAS!!

Disclaimer: Killer Motorsports will not be held liable for parts that break on products while riding. Nor is Killer Motorsports liable for injuries that may occur while riding. The information provided above is to help users get started with their new bike. You should always receive proper training before riding any motor vehicle and take the proper safety precautions before and while riding.

Hopefully the information below will help you diagnos any problem you may  have with your pit bike. Understand that any Chinese pit bike, no matter what manufacture it comes from, will have issues from time to time. If you get a pit bike new then don’t freak out, read this section and if you can’t find an answer to your problem feel free to email or call our techs.

My bike is sputtering whenever I give it full throttle.

This can be caused by a few things. The first thing you want to check is your spark plug. Usually it is something fuel related but a bad spark plug that is not giving great spark can make your bike run crappy. Its pretty rare but its simple to check, and ngk spark plugs aren’t that expensive. The spark plug is a CR6HSA or CR7HSA NGK. The next thing that you want to check is the carburetor. Take the carb off the bike and remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the carb. You will see 2 gold screws, the bigger one is the main jet, the smaller one is the pilot (most pit bikes). Shoot contact cleaner through the holes and blowout any gunk that could be stuck in the jets. Make sure the bottom bowl in the carb is clean as well. Go ahead and put the carb back together and put the carb back on the bike. Test the bike and see if its running great. If it is not changed then go ahead and take the top of the carb off. Unscrew it from the top and pull the slide out. Whenever you pull the slide out, take the needle out of the slide and move the c clip on the needle up one slot. Put everything back together and check the bike, if it is still running bad, take the carb back off and move the c clip up one more slot. If it is still running bad after that then you may need a new carburetor.

I can’t get spark on my pit bike.

The first thing you want to do is pull out the spark plug. Put it back in the ignition coil, then hold the ignition coil with the plug inserted and then touch the spark plug to a bolt on the engine. Try and kick the bike over and see if you see spark on the end of the spark plug. If you don’t see any spark then get another spark plug and test spark again. This will let you know if it is a spark plug issue or not. If you get spark, try and start your bike. If you don’t see spark then make sure everything is plugged in, make sure there are no lose wires plugging into the cdi, ignition coil, or kill switch. When you are done checking, test spark again. If there is no spark then unplug the kill switch from the electrical on the bike. Kick the bike over, if there is no spark it could be 1 of three things, the cdi, the spark plug, or the stator assembly. Pull off the stator plate and check to see if there is anything wrong with the stator, something broken off or not. If you cant see anything, see if you have a friend with a pit bike you can test the cdi or ignition coil on. If you don’t know anyone that you can help to test your bike that has one similar, you will need to bring your bike in for service to get everything tested or buy the parts needed and see if they fix the problem.

My brakes are really soft.

This probably just means that you need to bleed your brakes or you have a leak in one of your lines. Clean up your lines an check to see if there is a leak whenever you push on your brakes. If there is no leak, get an 8mm wrench and loosen the bleed bolt on the brake just slightly. Push down on the brakes until you have pressure and hold. Then loosen the bleed bolt and let the air out of the lines and then tighten the bolt back quickly.  Pump the brakes and see if you have pressure again. If not, try this a few more times. You also might need put more fluid in your lines. Check the level. If it is low, put more fluid in and then bleed the brakes again. If there is still no pressure then your brakes are probably going out and you will need to replace them.

The following image is useful with the Pitster Pro Pit Bikes.


Pit Bike Installation Instructions.

This installation guide is for "most" pit bikes. Click on the images for a larger picture!

Step 1: Disassemble crate


Step 2: Check to make sure you have all parts


Step 3: Place bike on Stand or 5 gallan buckets work to if you have not purchased a stand


Step 4: Install handlebars with provided Allen wrench


Step 5: Install front number plate with provided screwdriver


Step 6: Install Front Fender with three Allen bolts that are all ready in location.


Step 6: Install front wheel assembly removing plastic spacer Between brake pads. Tighten bolt securely and inspect brake and clutch lines for properly routed.




Step 7: Install foot peg mount with provided Allen wrench


Step 8: Install Rear Shock




Step 9: Make sure all bolts on bike are present and tight

Last Step: Make a visual inspection of entire bike, ensuring proper mounting and line routing

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Coolster 214

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