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MCO requests may take 10-14 business days to fulfill.

Thank you for purchasing a power sports vehicle through Killer Motor Sports, LLC. We truly appreciate your business. In order to register your street legal vehicle with your local DMV, you will need an MCO and your invoice/bill of sale. Please complete the web form below to initiate your MCO request. Note: the VIN # is required and may be found printed directly on your delivered vehicle. Once the submitted form is received, we will request the MCO from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will mail the MCO to Killer Motor Sports. As a licensed dealer in the state of Texas, Killer Motor Sports will sign the MCO over to you, the buyer. Your completed MCO will be mailed to you via USPS mail. If you would like to expedite your MCO, please contact us for shipping and payment options.

Order number:

Product VIN:

First Name:

Last Name:

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Date of order:

Method of payment:

Please enter the following code into the box provided:

For vehicles taken out of the state of Texas:
In addition to your completed MCO, we will send a Texas Motor Vehicles Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. Please sign the certificate and return it to the following address:

Killer Motor Sports
100 Syble Jean Drive
Burleson, TX 76028

For vehicles to be registered in Texas:
In addition to your MCO, we will send you the Texas Title Application. Please complete the highlighted portions on both the MCO and the Title Application, have the vehicle inspected, and mail all documents to the following address:

Killer Motor Sports
100 Syble Jean Drive
Burleson, TX 76028

Once received, we will register your vehicle with the Texas DMV and mail your license plate to you. The title will be mailed to you directly from the DMV.

For non-street legal vehicles:
Your vehicle may arrive with an MCO/Title Deed in the packaging. Please keep this document for your records in the case of damage or theft. If you require a signed MCO, please follow the standard MCO request form process.