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We understand what it’s like to search for a safe ATV for your child. Helping you choose the ATV for your kids or young teen that’s the best combination of features and price is very important for us. That’s why our product line offers such a variety of options when it comes to the following features:

  • Engine size
  • Power
  • Safety
  • Affordability

Only you know if your child is physically, mentally and emotionally ready to handle his or her own ATV. Here are some general guidelines to ensure that once your youth is ready, you’re buying them the right sport or utility vehicle.


Size It Right

For safe operation, an ATV’s controls must be easy to reach. Here are some measurements to check:

Handlebars, Foot Rests, and Seat

When standing on the foot rests of the ATV, your child should be able to easily grab the handlebars without leaning forward too much. There should also be at least three inches of clearance between the seat of the ATV and the seat of the child’s pants.


Make sure your child can easily move the handlebars left and right, squeeze the brake, and operate the throttle without having to shift all of their weight forward.

In general, if your child can easily and safely operate a bicycle there are numerous suitable models of ATVs. An important key to safe riding is to find one that fits.

All of the ATVs that Killer Motorsports sells feature handy measurements to help you be sure that you are purchasing the correct vehicle for your child’s current stature.

Get Appropriate Power

In addition to overall vehicle size, consider the amount of horsepower needed for your next ATV purchase. Some ATVs can travel at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and feature engines larger than 700cc. That’s often far too much power for the average child to control.

Most parents opt for 50cc, 110cc, 125cc, or 150cc engines for their child’s first all-terrain vehicle. This allows kids to grow into vehicles on the higher end of the power scale before purchasing them. As a parent, consider these options: • Remote control starter • Remote control kill switch • Throttle governor • Hand and foot brakes • Fully automatic transmission

Search our Killer Motorsports site for more options as you find the right ATV for your child.

We offer all parts for every off-road 4x4 unit we carry.


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