ASSEMBLED BMS Heritage 150cc scooter

ASSEMBLED BMS Heritage 150cc scooter
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ASSEMBLED & NEW unit. Black BMS Heritage 150cc Scooter. 
Condition: - Returned unit - Brand new 
Pictures coming soon. Sold Under KMS's Refurbished Sale Terms & Conditions. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before placing an order. Refurbished units do not qualify for free items, discounts or promotions.
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Expert Review

This is a nice scooter that has a super simple design and has a little open storage unit that is right in front of your knees. It will save you alot of money on gas and is great for going short distances. Alot of college students love these scooters because they are inexpensive and can hold alot of storage under the seat. You can also put 2 people on this scooter and it will run great. Remember 50cc scooter only go around 35mph top speed so if you want something faster you'll need to hop up to a 150cc. 150cc Scooters go around 55mph top speed and 250cc scooters will do over 70mph.