Coolster 70cc Mini-Pro Pit Dirt Bike New Fully Assembled Blue

Coolster 70cc Mini-Pro Pit Dirt Bike New Fully Assembled Blue
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This unit comes fully assembled and is new.

Semi-automatic transmission, front wheel size 2.5-10”, rear wheel size 3-10”, air cooled four stroke single cylinder 70cc motor, CDI ignition, seat height of 23.3”, front and rear drum brakes.
The Coolster 70cc Mini-Pro Pit Dirt Bike contains a 4-stroke, single cylinder 70cc engine with a top speed of around 36 MPH. It is available in black, blue, orange or red colors. It features a semi-automatic transmission with front and rear drum brakes, and front non-inverted steel forks, with rear mono shock suspension.

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Expert Review

This was the FIRST Pit Bike we ever sold and we are still selling it almost 7 years later! What does that tell you? We did so much research into what we were going to sell to make sure it wasn't crap, and to still be selling that same product almost 7 years later, we must have picked a winner from the get-go. This little bike has also seen a lot of upgrades over the last 7 years. From traveling to China to visit the factory and help suggest better ways to build the bike, to keep the price low, this bike is truly a winner. It also runs the ZongShen motor which has 2 awards from the CCCIE for Import Engine Brand of the Year. It is a solid bike for any bigger rider or anyone who is wanting a TRUE CRF50 knockoff. If you are planning to race this bike then you'll need some upgrades, but for the average rider it is a GREAT bike!