Roketa 50cc 07K Scooter

Key Specs
Displacement (Motor size) : 110cc
Roketa 50cc 07K Scooter
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Automatic transmission, 50cc air cooled single cylinder four-stroke engine, electric/kick hybrid start, front disc and rear drum brakes, CDI ignition system.

The Roketa 150cc 07K Motorcycle features an air cooled, four-stroke single cylinder 50cc engine. It features automatic transmission, with front disc and rear drum brakes. It includes a CDI start system.

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Expert Review

This is the little brother of the 150cc 07K—If you’re looking for a sturdy all-arounder that can hold its own both on the racetrack and off-road, and looking to save a few pennies by not minding the smaller, 50cc engine, the 07K is going to fit the bill. Its really zippy acceleration make it perfect for the race track, as well as its dual brake system, ensuring that it stops on a dime, but its sturdy frame and nimbleness make it great for off-road adventures as well. It can confidently navigate practically anything you try and throw at it, making it great for muddy racetracks, rocky terrain, blacktop, really, anything you try to ride this on, it will handle. It’s not too big for smaller riders, nor too small for taller riders, making its size a good fit for almost everyone. If you’re looking for something to have a good time with, regardless of the setting, you can’t go wrong with the 07K.

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Displacement (Motor size) 110cc
Product Color Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
Flat Rate Price 239.95