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A Utility Terrain Vehicle, or UTV as it is commonly referred, has quickly evolved into being a go-to choice of outdoor lovers looking for affordable yet durable off-road transportation. The UTV differs from the All-Terrain Vehicle or ATV primarily due to its side-by-side seating arrangements, giving the owner flexibility in bring multiple passengers or loading additional cargo along for the ride. Most UTVs are also equipped with multiple safety devices, such as seat belts and roll over protection.

UTVs generally also possess a higher payload capacity, have a more aggressive wide stance for stability over rocky terrain and longer wheelbase than the typical ATV. While it’s common for ATVs to handle up to 200 lbs. of cargo, most UTVs quadruple those numbers – with payloads ranging from 800 to 1350 lbs beyond the operators weight. UTVs are also engineered to carry the majority of its cargo between the rear tires, similar in many ways to the typical pick-up truck bed. The lower center of gravity is advantageous as it increases the vehicles stability.

UTVs can also provide the operator with plenty of engine performance and are exceptional hill climbers. Their four-cycle engines range from 150 cc to large 800 cc displacement with horsepower ratings between 20 to 140 horsepower for larger, high-performance models. Engine displacement can vary. Besides having side-by-side seating, UTVs also differ from ATVs in that many have seat belts and roll over protection, and most have a cargo box at the rear of the vehicle. The UTVs also have a higher payload capability and are longer and wider than ATVs.

Most consumers utilize UTVs for hunting, ranches, farming or for recreational use. Killer Motorsports carries top UTV manufacturers like Massimo, Cougar Cycle, ODES, BMS, Trailmaster, PitSter and Roketa. Take time to review our extensive inventory of high-quality and affordable UTVs by model, size, manufacture as well as additional UTV accessories available from KillerMotorsports.


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