Massimo UTVs

UTV Characteristics UTV�s differ from ATV�s in that UTV�s typically have a   side by side seating arrangement, many have seat belts and roll over protection,   and most have a cargo box at the rear of the vehicle. The UTV�s generally have a   higher payload capability and are longer and wider than ATV�s. While most ATV�s   can carry 125 to 200 lbs. of cargo in addition to the operator�s weight, the UTV   payloads run from 800 to 1350 lbs. above the operator/passenger�s weight. The   payload is usually carried on a UTV below the top of the tires as opposed to an   ATV where the load is carried above the fenders. This lower load positioning can   drastically lower the vertical center of gravity which will increase stability.   UTV�s come in a number of different configurations.


Brands currently sold is ODES, ODES Hunters Edition by Killer Motorsports exclusively, HISUN Hunters Edition by Killer Motorsports Exclusively, Hisun or Hsun (also relabeled by some importers as Benchee, Supermach, US Titan, Giant Mach, Wolverine, Monster, Diamo, Tomoto, Big Muddy, Qlink) also CFMoto, BMX, Kandi, Yamaha Rhino, Kawasaki Mule, etc. UTVs go by different names, including Utility Vehicle, ROV, ATV Side by Side or Side x Side and many others. Most people use them for hunting and farming use but alot of people also race these units and enjoy them for normal recreational use. Most are offered with 2x4 and 4x4 with 4x4 Differential locking. You can also buy full cab enclosures, soft or hard enclosures, gun racks, different accessories also like Snowplows, winches, etc.


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