UTVs by Size

If you're looking to purchase a Utility Terrain Vehicle, the best way to begin this process is to determine a size that fits your needs. We offer three specific categories that are separated by engine displacement size in cubic centimeters (CCs) including, 150 to 300cc engines, 400 to 700cc displacement, and 800cc and above.

Regardless of the engine's displacement, UTVs sold by Killer Motorsports is equipped with features such as a side-by-side seating arrangements, roll-over protection and many models installed with rear cargo boxes that can carry 125 to as much as 1350 lbs. The payload of a UTV is typically carried below the top of the tires which is designed to lower the vertical center of gravity. This increases vehicle stability.

There are multiple features, options and additions included in each UTV we sell, making it easier than ever to find the perfect UTV for you. Some of the leading brands we offer include Cougar, BMS, Cazador, Trailmaster, and Roketa. Killer Motorsports is dedicated to making the search for the right UTV simple. Take time to browse our selection by engine size or filter by categories such as price, manufacturer, color, max speed, max load or dirt/street.


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