In the ATV world, BMS has long been regarded as one of the best and most trustworthy brands in the industry.

BMS makes safety a priority. All of their vehicles are equipped with the latest safety features so that all riders, regardless of age or size, can feel safe whether they’re traversing their own property or going for a wild ride off road.

Safety is, of course, top priority for ATV riders. These are great and fun vehicles but, if riders aren’t careful, accidents can happen. This is why BMS makes sure to include throttle limiters in their vehicles. A throttle limiter is a small device that riders can use to control the top speed of the ATV. This is especially on those that are built for kids and/or less experienced riders. The usability of this feature is simple; before a ride, the rider can adjust the throttle limiter to certain speeds to make sure that, even if the throttle gets bumped or jostled during a ride, the engine speed never goes over that predetermined number. This is especially handy when a rider might be trying to navigate especially rough terrain.>

One of the best examples of this safety and power combination is the BMS 125cc Sports Typhoon Kids Mid ATV. This ATV is regarded as one of the market’s safest ATVs for kids. It includes:

  • Throttle limiter
  • Kill switch
  • Seat height of 21"
  • Wheel Size of 19 x -10 (front) and 18 x 5-8 rear
  • Top speed of 27 mph

Older kids and adults who crave something bigger and faster will love the BMS Tomahawk 400 (4X4) –B. With a 400cc Honda engine, a top speed of 50MPH, independent wheel suspension, digital gauge and thumb shifter, this ATV is perfect for people who want a powerful, fast, safe and easy to control ride.

Killer Motorsports carries many of the most popular BMS models on the market. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have and to help you figure out which ATV is right for you. Check out our selection and ask us for a quote!


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