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Scott Forrest on 07-16-2015 wrote:
TAOTAO QUANTUM 150cc/Scott F New York
So i am going to write a detailed review starting with : #1 customer service, #2 the shipping process and #3 the scooter which i will partially write now and then will send some additional reviews after i have put some miles on it. #1 CS- I started shopping for a scooter in November of 2014 1st going to a Yamaha dealer then another dealer and i thought spending 2,500 to 4,000 dollars on a scooter was crazy that's when i found KMS, I first spoke to Scott in sales who over the course of the next few months spent sometimes up to an hour on the phone with me and advising me on all of the products and guiding me in which scooter would be the best choice. And then when it came to technical details i spoke to Steve who has extensive tech knowledge on what to expect when the scooter is shipped to your house and what is involved. #2 shipping and handling- so placed the order on June 10th and recieved it on June 26th from Texas to New York not great but acceptable.

That's when i learned that KMS had been bought by a company called Vertana who buys companies that are not providing an adequate costumer service experience and comes in to correct them. That's when i was contacted by Sarah from Vertana who stepped in and pushed the delivery of the extra items,scooter,and expressed shipped the MCO to me "additonal charge on express for the MCO at my request".

The scooter came shipped by R&L carriers and they explain that it is curbside delivery but the driver took it upon himself and wheeled the crate on a palate jack all the way into my garage really great service!! #3 the scooter- after uncrating it and doing the initial inspection and setup i did noticed a loose connection between a vacuum line connection which i fixed for about 2 dollars. but so far for spending 1059,00 i am happy. But with that being said please folks keep in mind you are not buying a toaster from amazon,This is in fact a motorsports vehicle so no matter whatever it is that you are purchasing Keep in mind we are spending approximately a 1/3 of the money from the price of a higher name brand. Do your homework and spend sometime talking and educating yourself on what exactly is involved and don't just pull out your card and order. I feel that some not all of the past reviews are because customers expected a yamaha in a crate at the door for 1,000 bucks.

That's not the case. I bought a 60 dollar upgrade kit and put quality gas and oil in it and it starts right up. please look for my next review in a few weeks after i have done some miles. Thanks Scott

Bill C. on 07-13-2015 wrote:
My experience....
About I contacted Scott @ KMS twice to ask questions about two of their scooters. Scott has good product knowledge and was very helpful. I made up my mind to buy; I sent KMS a money order for the purchase of a TaoTao 50cc scooter. The whole transaction went smoothly and the scooter is a GREAT little ride. I plan on further business with KMS. NO PROBLEMS! GREAT PRICES! REASONABLE TIME FOR DELIVERY! GOOD PRODUCT! WHAT I S NOT TO LIKE? I AM HAPPY!!! Thanks Scott & all the KMS crew. Bill C.

Peter Cooper on 07-08-2015 wrote:
Overall a good experience
I purchased the RPS 250 Hawk and was told it would be about a week before they would be in stock, so i went ahead and purchased thinking I got the usual salesman line. But the bike came within a few weeks and I was happy and surprised with the speed of delivery. However when I requested my MCO, I attempted to contact customer service to pay to have it expedited (as I was told to via Email). I left a few messages and grew frustrated since the customer service number was never answered and my calls were not returned. I finally dialed the Sales extension and lo and behold a real person answered! He graciously checked the status and informed me it was on it's way. A few days later it was in the mailbox. So, while not a terrible experience by any means, they do seem to be lacking in some basic customer service skills. I will say that if I was in the market for another bike I would definitely use Killer Motor sports and would recommend.

Rob on 06-26-2015 wrote:
Positive experience all around.
Spend weeks researching which model and mfg.Dune buggy that would be good valve and offered the most for the price. Had a Dazon 150 that we where replacing. Like some others, I was very reluctant to make an online purchase like this. There are so many sites that sell these and it's really hard to find good reviews. Before I ordered, I did call Killerpower Sports, had no problem talking to someone. I wanted certain color only, and wanted to know exactly how long it would take to receive. I was told 10 days and that the color I wanted was available. I placed order, received the buggy in about 8 days, color was right. I then requested MCO as you need to do on there website. I received that as well by mail in about a week. All went great, I am Happy with there service and wanted to share a positive experience.

Gary Beals on 06-24-2015 wrote:
best customer service ever totally satisfied with my purchase

Douglas Giffel on 06-16-2015 wrote:
50cc moped
The Best Customer Service Ever. The shipping was fast and 100 % FREE. No hidden cost and I worked with Anisha and she made the experience even better!!!! Thanks Killer Motorsports, A+A+A+A+A+A+A+

Nicole Napier on 06-13-2015 wrote:
Worked out great for me.
I ordered my bike the 3rd had it the 12th. got shipped the 10th. Which looks like a week but I ordered after hours online. so it took 5 business days to ship. (business days are full 8hr workdays usually weekdays) The carrier had it here the 12th after it shipped on the tenth. I actually ordered it on which told me to contact for shipping info. So I didn't get the free stuff but oh well. I cant say anything bad about them.

Junk on 06-26-2015 wrote:
This is not the old Killer Motorsports. We purchased our kart under the old management. The kart was received damaged and inoperable. I followed all policies and followed up multiple times, but no response and no parts. After 3 months of trying, I gave up and bought the parts necessary to get the kart moving. Then, I received a customer satisfaction survey! Wow, you have to be kidding! Needless to say, it was not good. Much to my surprise, I received immediate feedback saying they were under new ownership and would do whatever it takes to resolve the issue. I was skeptical, but emails between customer service and parts experts, management and even the owner started flying. These folks did everything necessary and more to make it right. Prior to their help, I would have never ever considered ordering from them again. Now they have made a customer for life!

Michael Beuning on 06-11-2015 wrote:
Tao Tao 110
Great service, great product and accessories were a plus to the order.

Chuck on 06-09-2015 wrote:
Will deal with again
Customer service before and during sales transaction was great. I asked for a suggestion on what to buy and that suggestion turned out good. We are very happy with our new go-cart so far.

W. C. on 06-05-2015 wrote:
Good place to buy a bike!
Good communication, decently quick shipping time. My only gripe is that they didn't call me to verify my shipping address which differed from my billing address. This could have saved several days. I had to call in wondering what the status was, but everything got sorted out and the bike shipped in just fine. No big deal. Also got the free helmet which is pretty sweet. I think I will buy another bike soon. Don't hesitate to buy from Killer Motorsports due to the bad reviews. They have recently changed ownership (as I understand) and I was definitely pretty happy with my order. Erik, Robyn, and Scott were easy to work! Thanks! (Order 30156)

John Patnode on 06-02-2015 wrote:
TaoTao 125 D-R Utility Kids ATV
I am thrilled with Killer Motorsport. Everything went smoothly. I was worried right after I placed the order because I read some bad reviews. So I contacted the costomer service department. After talking to Jessica I had a comfortable feeling about the order. Also I goet a call from Robin in the accounting department. She had placed the order and the tracking number and envoice would be sent to me soon. When i received it I noticed a mistake in one item. I emaied Robin and she responded right away and made the change on the envoice. I received the atv right to my drive way within sevin days. There was no damage. This a great company to do buisness with. I would recomend to anyone. Thanks Killer Motorsport.

Dan Shearer on 06-02-2015 Wrote:
Faster and smoother than expected
Delivery from Texas to Minnesota faster than Minnesota (Minneapolis) to my residents. Bike (4 wheeler) arrived in great shape, shipping cardboard was rather rough shape, but wheeler in good shape. Missing one(1) part, the rubber boot on one of the wheels. Will contact Killersports for replacement. Will not hesitate to order again.

Mark W. on 05-29-2015 Wrote:
Overall good experience
I admit I was nervous in making a purchase after reading the reviews. But there is no other place to get one of these units and I really wanted one for my son. I purchased a Kandi 49fm5-e. I did not receive email confirmation of the order its on its way or tracking number. Very poor communication from the vendor. However my item did arrive in less than one week. delivery was flawless. I receive the correct item in the correct color. don't buy one of these units if you are not mechanically inclined. There were several mechanical issues to be overcome in assembling the unit. If you don't have mechanical skills then the task may be overwhelming. so far the unit is running well and we are having a great time with it.


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