Tao Tao ATVs

We offer 80% and full assembly options with PDI at a competitive price for all TaoTao ATVs!

TaoTao features a great line of quality and discounted kids ATVS. These Quads range from smaller engine sized from 50cc, 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, and 250cc. The variety of utility sport vehicles is great for kids that are small, midsize or both beginner or novice riders. For the aspiring racer or someone who just wants to enjoy the outdoors these units will exceed your expectations without a doubt. The 110cc four stroke ATV is the most common starting point for smaller kids and novice riders. Parents often look for 59cc two stroke models although we strongly recommend the 110cc with a foot brake pedal and a throttle governor. They allow you to step in to the world of off road all-terrain vehicles for cheaper, discounted prices while ensuring longevity and control. As anyone just starting out will tell you, purchasing an affordable quad to learn with is often the best plan of action.

The TaoTao 110cc features top speeds nearing 32 miles per hour but can be easily controlled with a throttle control governing the speed. Parents can select between small and larger tires and wheels that include 6 inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch sizes. The lines of ATV’s that we carry such as Coolster and TaoTao always have safety in mind. A low center of gravity and a lower seat height with a wide wheel base ensures that your novice rider is learning on a machine that is both capable and stable. The quality construction of these ATVs and the affordable nature of the vehicle makes this a smart choice for any beginning rider.

For older children or adults, the 250cc engine in the TaoTao ATVs line makes for a quality upgrade to the 110cc or the 150cc. These vehicles are also affordable and durable for the beginner but feature a slight jump in power and are capable of handling a wide variety of riding conditions such as trail riding, hunting. The 250cc features top speeds nearing 55 miles per hour as well as a highly reliable and stable vehicle that makes a great choice for mid-level riders.


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