Carburetor Needle and Seat Repair

1.Remove 4 screws from bottom of the carburetor.

2.Remove screw holding down float. (White plastic)

3.Remove float.

4.If float does not slide out and any force is needed to remove it, the needle will stay in the seat indicating sediment or build up.

5.The float should do just that out with the needle attached.

6.Remove needle, if stuck in seat, with needle nose pliers.

7.Check for defect or white gas residue. (Pictured on the needle are rub marks from the seat) (not registering fuel in carburetor)

8.Remove screw holding down seat bracket.

9.Remove seat with needle nose pliers.

10.Clean indention where seat is placed and replace seat and needle.

11.Needle should hang from float freely.

12.When replaced, the needle should be able to be lifted easily out of the seat when lifting float.

13.Works basically just like a toilet plunger with gas.


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