Maintenance/ Break In

The good thing about the UTVS we sell are they are almost maintenance free. We have had our shop demo unit ( 700cc ) for about a year and so far so good.The first thing we'll talk about is maintenance, then we'll talk about FAQ for troubleshooting on issues. When you first get your UTV and put it together, there are a few things you'll need to check before you get started.

Make sure that your radiator fluid is filled up to full. Most of the time it is ful,l but sometimes it is close to empty. It needs to have a 50/50 mix with distilled water; so, if you fill it up, make sure you mix it properly before you begin. You should always run your engine for about 10 minutes and let the engine heat up and then refill your radiator unit to ensure the radiator unit is, in fact, full. When you run your engine, the heat will run out the bubbles that can be in your lines. This is why you will need to add more fluid.

In terms of breaking your unit in, it's pretty simple. You'll need to take it easy on your unit for about 30 straight minutes. Just do easy riding, don't hammer down on the throttle. The gaskets need to heat seal and if you hammer down on your unit when you first get it you're engine will have an enormous amount of pressure build up and you can blow a gasket. FYI, if you do this, its not covered under warranty. So, break your motor in properly and take the time to do so. The fuses are all located in the box that sits under your hood. If something shorts out, it will blow a fuse. So, if you are riding, that should be the first thing you check. The fuses that are in them are OK, but I would suggest going to your local auto parts store and getting some good “American" fuses, this way you'll have the good stuff in your unit.

Once you get your unit put together, there is not much you need to do or check at this point. The only thing I would suggest is to buy some Loctite (blue) and when you are putting your unit together, use Loctite on all the bolts. I am the “play it safe than sorry" kinda guy, so I do this on all the powersports products I buy for myself. I want nothing to go wrong. This shouldn't tell you that something would go wrong on the Hi-Sun units because I do this on my Hondas. It sucks when you are riding and some bolt falls out and then you are stuck! Enough of that.

You will want to change your oil about once every 10 hours of riding. I do it to my unit about every 6 hours of riding, but I'm a mechanic freak, you don't have to do it that often. The unit will hold 2.25 quarts of oil. I would recommend running Maxima 4-Stroke 10w40 oil. You will want to clean your intakes (three of them) once every 10 to 12 hours of riding. This take about 1-2 hours if you know what you are doing, but is necessary to be sure your engine stays clean. If you are going through a heavy amount of mud, then I would suggest doing this after your ride.

See below for instructions on how to clean the intakes. You physically need to hand touch every bolt and tighten them after the first three rides, not riding more than 15 to 20 minutes. Check every bolt on the unit. Bolts on any new powersports vehicles will come loose / This isn't because it is Chinese.


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