Why Won't My Unit Start!

On EFI units, this is a little harder to determine. They require a reader box to determine what is wrong. This section will help you figure out how to solve issues without the reader box, if it is a simple issue. Check your battery first to make sure you have 100% charge. Then, make sure your brakes are pressed in and the key is in the on position. Your brakes must be in to start it, for good measure, make sure your e-brake is on as well. Because there is almost no electrical installation needed, other than the battery, at install, it could be a fuse that popped whenever you put the battery in the unit. Your fuses are in the same box as the battery, check all your fuses to make sure the issue is not a fuse. If you turn the key and nothing happens, then it could be a starter switch. To test the starter switch to see if its bad, simply cross the two poles together on the starter switch and see if the unit turns over, if it does, then you have a bad starter switch. Always make sure that no relays in the battery box got loose on the trip over from the manufacture, check to make sure they are all plugged in properly.


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