300cc Trikes

For those looking for advanced and powerful trikes, 300cc models are the way to go!

One of our 300cc models, the IceBear Tornado 300, is bigger and faster than other trikes. Offering a 300-400 cc water-cooled motor along with front and rear disk brakes, The Tornado is capable of reaching speeds up to 55 mph. Designed for the more serious trike rider, this vehicle is not just a runaround town trike; it will reach speeds which allow it to be on low-speed highways.

The step-through design offers comfortable seating for two people and storage space to pick up a few groceries or haul books when dropping off a kid at school. The third wheel and low seat height on this trike will give the rider stability and confidence. The IceBear 300 Tornado Trike also offers a small fairing for protection from the windm which is great for when the rider hits those higher speeds.

For a more advanced rider, 300cc trikes are the ticket. They are bigger, more powerful and advanced models with high-performance features such as a water-cooled engine and disc brakes. These trikes are for the rider who wants to do a little more than just run errands in town.


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