My Unit Bogs Down At Higher Speeds

This could be two things: you are not getting enough fuel or your intakes need cleaning. IF you have been doing a lot of mud riding, then its probably the latter; if you have been just driving around and NOT been getting muddy, then its probably fuel. To check the fuel, you'll need to remove the passenger seat. You'll see the gas tank. Take the line off the gas tank and run the line to the fuel pump, make sure there is nothing in the line and that there are no pinches in the line. Then re-attach that line to the pump. Take the line off the pump that goes to the engine and start your unit. Make sure that gas is getting pumped out of the fuel pump in HIGH volume; if there is nothing really coming out, then you might have a faulty fuel pump. Call us if this is the problem.

IF gas is coming out in high volume, then re-attach that line and detach it from the engine, start the unit again, and make sure you have gas pumping out of that line in high volume. If it is pumping out in high volume, then you know its not fuel. To check the intakes is somewhat of a task. Remove both seats and then the middle console. Once it is removed, you'll see the filter that runs right into the carb, This is the main filter. Take this off, clean the filter, and re-attach. Then, right behind the drivers seat, is another filter. Completely remove this from the unit up to the motor, clean the filter, and put it back. There is another intake to the right of the drive'rs seat that runs into the front side of the motor., Remove the intake, clean and reattach it. Sometimes dirt can get in these intakes and cause the motor to fail at higher speeds. Once you clean these, test your unit and it should be working great.


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